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Introducing the first course on speed and power development through multidirectional plyometrics


Sports have evolved into a game about power and explosiveness in all directions. It can feel overwhelming when you try to address all of these needs within a single program. 


Now, you will have EVERYTHING you need to develop elite athleticism on the field. 


This one of a kind course will address principles for multidirectional power development, patterns of multidirectional power, how to strengthen the foot and ankle, programming, and how to incorporate multidirectional plyometrics within your speed training. 

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Multidirectional Power Course


You might be thinking… “I already have a program in place that works and gets my athletes faster”.  That may be true, but are you only taking into account linear speed? Are you developing power in all of the patterns of movement you see in sport? 


Sports are more competitive than ever. Just as sports have evolved, so too has strength and conditioning and how we prepare our athletes. The speed drills you did 10 years ago may not be good enough to get your athletes from being good to becoming elite. 


Stay on the cutting edge of athlete development by taking your knowledge and education another step further by incorporating this system into your training program. 

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get within this course.



After taking this course you’ll never look at athletic power development the same again! 


Here is what’s waiting for you….

Module 1: Goals of the Course, Understanding the Need and Purpose of Multidirectional Plyometrics, Defining Plyometrics, Learning Where Power Is Needed in Sports

  • How?

    •  Using the fundamental movement patterns of speed we’ll break down movements in a way to help athletes build strength, coordination, and improve ground reaction forces.

  • Goal of the Course:

    • Develop consistent, quality, reactive unilateral power with your athletes

  • Define Plyometrics And How It Relates To Multidirectional Plyometrics:

  • Where Is Power Needed In Sports? 

    • Linking patterns of movement


Module 2: Principles of Multidirectional Power

  • Own the Movement

  • Address Foot and Ankle Stiffness

  • Minimize GCT

  • Train Unilaterally

  • Train Multiple Planes

  • Take Advantage of Gravity

  • Understand the Role of the Upper Body

  • Train the Individual


Module 3: Understanding Patterns of Speed To Create A Foundation For Multidirectional Plyometrics 

  • Plyo Step

  • Shuffle

  • Lateral Run

  • Hip Turn

  • Curvilinear Running


Module 4: Warming Up And Preparing The Athlete For Multidirectional Plyometrics

  • Slant Board Series

  • Extensive Plyos Series

  • Foot and Ankle Strengthening


Module 5: Patterns of Multidirectional Power

  • Forward

  • Lateral

  • Retreating

  • Rotational Power 

  • Combining Various Patterns


Module 6: How to Progress Multidirectional Plyometrics

  • Progressions for Minimizing GCT

  • Progressions for Force Development


Module 7: Incorporating Multidirectional Plyometrics With Speed Training

  • Creating Drills to Improve Specific Linking Patterns


Module 8: Determining The Limiting Factor For More Explosiveness

  • Choosing Drills to Create Corrective Strategies For Specific Faults 

    • Lack Of Explosiveness

    • Lack of Force

    • Upper Body Tilt

    • Upper Body Rotation


Module 9: Programming Multidirectional Plyometrics

  • Categorizing Multidirectional Plyometrics

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Program


Module 10: Bonus Drills

  • More Examples of Multidirectional Power Drills 


Run Time: 5+hrs

Testimonal #1

“As a coach I am constantly searching to improve. “Improving Game Speed with Multidirectional Plyometrics by Jason Feairheller” is the type of resource that gets me excited about our profession and the direction it’s heading. Jason does an amazing job of breaking down the importance of training in a multidirectional manner using explosive techniques to improve game speed. This is a product every coach should have in their library if they are serious about improving their athletes performance”.


Lee Taft

Testimonal #2

I met Jason and began to follow his Multidirectional Plyometrics Program through a shared mentorship program we are both a part of.  I was immediately impressed by the effectiveness of his program in developing power and explosiveness in athletes who play multi directional sports as it simply makes sense!  I purchased his first course to gain deeper insight and understanding of his program to use with the field hockey athletes I am training. Jason is a great teacher, and his presentation and explanation of drills/skills is extremely concise, systematic and progressive in nature, and easy to incorporate in daily training sessions.  Best of all, his program works! Two players in particular said they felt stronger, more powerful, and possessed more quickness during indoor play this winter. Really looking forward to his next course, and will continue utilizing his program this spring and summer for clinics and camps. Thank you Jason! 


Cecelia (Cece) Cardano

Total Game Evolution 

Speed and Agility Coach NSPA

Original Strength Level One

W.I.T.S Personal Trainer

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